Compensation: $15-$18/hour


Each of our heirloom quality bows are hand-crafted by women all around the United States. Our incredibly talented seamstresses work from the comfort of their own homes to produce our bows.

Want to Join the elite club of #bowmakers?

 If you consider yourself a talented seamstress with an incredible eye for minute details, we would love for you to apply.


Can I work from anywhere?​
Totally! As long as it’s in the U.S.

What if I don’t have all the correct materials to make three prototype bows?
We have found that our best seamstresses are able to make perfect bows based on instinct and attention to detail! We also find that the right candidates often have surpluses of the basic materials we use. Meaning that their sewing abilities are those of someone who sews and crafts often.

How much money do your seamstresses make?​
$15-18 per hour

How much time will the application process take​?
We are looking to hire quickly. The sooner you send your first round of bows to us the better. Once you have passed the first and most difficult round, a seamstress can be on board and sewing for Wunderkin within two weeks.

How much time do I need to dedicate to working for Wunderkin Co.?
We require at least 15-20 hours a week, yielding about 100-150 bows per week.